Epigen Test

Epigenetica is now making our new Epigen Test available worldwide.

Measuring Your Genetic Blueprint

Epigenetic testing measures how parts of your genetic blueprint flare up or turn off due to external factors such as the foods you eat, the medicines you take, and the environmental factors you expose yourself to on a daily basis. Epigenetics allows your to take into account your unique genome and accurately monitor what is good and what is not. For example, the same foods can have opposite effects from one person to the next depending on their Epigenetic Trigger Sensitivity™.

Helping Doctors & Researchers

Through epigenetic screening, doctors and research scientists are designing interventions to mitigate or treat medical conditions. These therapies represent a promising and innovative approach to many age-related ailments such as certain mental illnesses, cancer, and diabetes. Aging, a condition of life that may be remedied through epigenetic therapy and lifestyle choices, perhaps allowing us to one day far outlive our predecessors.

Different From DNA Testing

There are a plethora of commercial DNA kits on the market. Such tests inform you if you are genetically susceptible to various factors, but they don't tell you to what extent. Also, they don't tell you the interrelationship between the factors or their combined effect on you. Epigenetic testing differs from other DNA testing.

DNA tests inform you how easy it is for you to get fit or lose weight. But epigenetic tests tell you how to your body is reacting in real time. Epigenetic tests are based on the latest academic discoveries.